Nothing is more beautiful than a perfectly built two-stroke exhaust pipe, except one that is protected by an E Line Accessories carbon fiber exhaust guard. Our dirt bike exhaust pipe guards are manufactured using a hand laid mix of carbon, kevlar and our unique high-temperature resistant resins. A total of 5 layers to be exact. This combination creates good looking, durable and clean fitting guards that will protect your expansion chamber from power-robbing dents and dings.

Compared to other exhaust pipe guards, the E Line Accessories carbon fiber pipe guard is lighter and more durable with a 75-percent greater tensile strength from any of the metal units we have tested. It is “real carbon fiber.” Our carbon/kevlar components are designed to be installed in a matter of minutes without removing the exhaust. A pair of stainless steel clamps are all that is needed to add durable, lightweight protection to the expansion chamber of your favorite motorcycle. Installation instructions are available on our web site videos. 

You can find our OEM replacement 2-stroke exhaust pipe guards for almost every major brand of dirt bike, while our aftermarket guards are available for both the FMF and Pro Circuit lines of exhaust systems at this time. We develop new products daily!

Watch our pipe guard install videos below…