There is not a better way to protect the bottom of your motorcycle frame and engine than a Carbon/Kevlar Composite dirt bike skid plate from E Line Accessories. Our motorcycle skid plates are hand molded to the exact shape of the frame and engine which in turn offers much more protection from the constant pounding that occurs when riding off-road.

We incorporate Kevlar into our carbon fiber skid plates because it has proven to be one of the most durable and lightweight materials on the market today. While the carbon fiber looks great, the Kevlar helps set E Line Accessories from the competition. Why carbon fiber? Because an aluminum skid plate cannot be molded perfectly to the shape of the bike. Also, metal is prone to dents and bending which can allow impacts to cause damage along the lower frame tubes. Plastic? Great idea, however plastic will allow frames to be bent on impact as well as never being formed to follow the engine and frame lines to eliminate mud build up.

Over the years we have worked diligently to develop the perfect combination of carbon fiber. Kevlar and resin that makes our skid plates the most durable engine protection on the market today. All of the E Line Accessories skid plates require a separate mounting kit which includes all the necessary hardware to quickly and easily install on your favorite motorcycle.

E Line Accessories incorporates Kevlar in the manufacturing process because it disperses impact forces and resists fatigue better than any other material used on motorcycle skid plates, including aluminum. If you are looking for the best dirt bike skid plate on the market, check out the E Line Accessories carbon fiber skid plates.