If you own a four-stroke then you owe it to yourself to provide the added protection of an E Line Accessories carbon fiber exhaust shield for your precious header. Whether you have an OEM or aftermarket exhaust system, the head pipe is susceptible to dings and dents as it gets hot so it is critical to protect it from potential impact damage. With temperatures exceeding 900-degrees Fahrenheit on most dirt bikes, your riding gear can be burnt quickly if it contacts an unprotected header, so before you sacrifice another pair of pants or boots, equip your bike with a carbon fiber exhaust heat shield and say goodbye to those burnt britches and boots.

E Line Accessories dirt bike heat shields are designed to attach to the stock header bolt-on tabs so they are easy to install, but they do require a specific mounting kit that includes all the necessary hardware and instructions. Each kit features stainless steel mounting hardware that provides and exact fit that keeps the carbon heat shield the perfect distance away from the head pipe it is protecting. This type of attention to detail is part of what sets our components apart from the crowd.

Explore E Line Accessories series of carbon fiber exhaust heat shields that are designed to protect the head pipe from dings and dents as well as helping to prevent your gear from being melted and destroyed.