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    Why Bolt On a Pipe Guard?

    Properly designed 2 stroke pipe guards will protect exhaust pipes from power robbing dents and increases horsepower by elevating gas flow temperature.

    What’s The Best Material To Use?

    E Line uses a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and high-temperature resins in custom molding pipe guards. This combination of materials distributes any impact over a large area to reduce the pipe damage. The lightweight composite has 75% greater tensile strength than aluminum. Aluminum guards or thick wall pipes will not distribute impacts as well and typically will destroy the pipe spigot before the pipe.They also weigh more than E Line’s composite material.

    Why Custom Mold Each Guard?

    Just about every exhaust pipe has a different shape. A pipe guard hand laid and  molded to a specific pipe shape eliminates gaps while covering exposed pipe surface. E Line has custom molds for over 150 guards ( 50cc – 525cc motorcycles) for stock, ProCircuit, and FMF pipes.

    How Do The Guards Mount?

    The two stroke guards use two stainless steel clamps that wrap around the pipe. The exhaust pipe does not have to be removed for guard installation. What Do The Guards Weigh? The guards weigh between 9 – 20 ounces depending on the model. They fit, and resist boot wear while protecting your investment!

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